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A Leaky Lookout

Weather forecasts called for a very wet weekend, and they were spot on. Luckily Mars had kitted us out in full Gore-Tex.

Gore-Tex that all soaked through. Luckily we had a dry lookout to stay in and dry out. A lookout I somehow failed to get a proper picture of.

Our view from the lookout consisted of clouds and rain. After drying out, we seldom left the dry confines that the damp shelter offered.

A row of windows on the south side offered all the natural light inside, the rest of the windows were boarded shut. The ladder on the right led up to a small windowed room that was once used for spotting fires.

The menu for the night consisted of ramen and more ramen. Eggs and bacon added a nice punch.

Someone left a small Coleman stove, which we gladly used to try and warm up. Mars ended up drinking all the craft brews that they had left behind.

Two games of Settler’s of Catan and a few bottles of wine would keep us occupied for the night.

Trying to cook all the ramen was a task that never seemed to end. We slept that night with full bellies.

The lookout had no fireplace, and never really warmed up throughout the night. Most of our gear was still damp and was no fun to put back on. Keeping my lens free of water spots was an uphill battle.

Our hike out was much easier, as we knew where to go and were used to the perpetual dampness that the rain brought.