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A Pushboy becomes a Captain

Three days spent rafting Oregon's Rogue River.

“Take a photo of me slicking back my hair”

Deciding who will sleep in the bear pen.

Someone smelled the bacon.

“Hold my boat so I can show off my back muscles”

“You said backflip off this, right?”

Ted decided to jump off it like a normal person.

“I’m tired of rowing, let me on your boat”

A captains rations: Beer & Apples

Ian’s favorite attack, the human submarine.

Johnny “Muscleboy” T decided to row through the windiest and slowest section yet. Thanks man.

“Good thing I didn’t skip arm day, I’ve been holding this map for hours”

Aaron had a tough time fitting in, going from boat to boat.

“It’s safe, just don’t smash your face on that rock overhang”

John was hesitant to get on his knees again.

The Raft Trampoline. Ian thought of it, Roy perfected it.

They call this move the Hippo

It’s a good day when you make it to camp before dusk.

I present the two-raft centipede

The river is a peaceful place. Until you see one of these.

“And on our left we have the Wild River Rafter, an odd breed, surviving on beer and salmon schmear”

Cleaning the groover, always the best part of rafting FUCK