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Adventures in the Truckhouse

A short story about building and exploring in the back of truck.

After one night out we decided this just wouldn’t do.

There’s a mountain somewhere in those clouds.

I open the jars. She cooks whatever is in them.

I tried to end it here but she said we needed a mattress.

And then she said we needed somewhere to put things.

Now we’re ready to go. Lights and a nightstand!

First night sleeping in the new bed. I only hit my head on the roof once.

Sadly one of these chairs jumped off the roof. I’ll miss him/her.

Obligatory selfie in the home away from home.

One more star picture.

There’s a river somewhere in there.

“Stand down by the river while I poop”

This guy had no clue we were taking pictures of him.

Don’t worry, the e-brake is on.

The ladder rack says: “Max Weight 100 lbs.” It lied. It supports way more than that.

People pay money for these kind of views.

This is why I don’t brush my teeth.

Probably not the best spot to park your truck above.

She’s gotten tired of me telling her to sit in the truck for a picture.

Or telling her to sit on an old crumbling house foundation for one.

But then we got oysters and she was happy again.

And went on this hike. She was even happier then.

In hindsight I should have stained or painted that rack…

Don’t worry the truck was in park.

That’s all folks.